Is Ella Hansen transgender? Find out the truth

Ella Hansen transgender

Ella Hansen is a female, not a transgender. But why many people still beg the question “is Ella Hansen trans?”. Learn more from the article below.

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Ella Hansen is not a trans

is Ella Hansen trans

Ella Hansen is an American professional disc golfer from Minnesota. She was born on March 12, 1994, in Ada, Minnesota.

Hansen started playing disc golf in 2013 and quickly became one of the top female players in the sport. She has won numerous tournaments and accolades, including the 2020 Disc Golf Pro Tour Championship, the 2020 MVP Open, and the 2019 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship.

Hansen is known for her powerful drives and accurate putting, and is widely considered one of the most talented players in the sport today. She is also an advocate for gender equality and inclusivity in disc golf, and has worked to promote the sport to a wider audience.

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Arguments against Ella Hansen gender identity

Despite the growing awareness and acceptance of transgender individuals, there are still those who question and challenge the identities of people like Ella Hansen. Here are some arguments against Ella’s transgender identity:

Lack of official statement from Ella

One of the main arguments against Ella Hansen transgender identity is the lack of an official statement from Ella herself. While she has spoken about the importance of self-expression and embracing one’s true self, she has not explicitly identified as transgender.

Some people argue that if Ella truly identified as transgender, she would make a clear and unambiguous statement about it. Without an official statement, they argue, it is unclear whether Ella is truly transgender or simply exploring different expressions of gender.

Contradictory statements from Ella or those close to her

Another argument against Ella’s transgender identity is the presence of contradictory statements from Ella or those close to her. For example, in some interviews, she has referred to herself as a “tomboy” or “androgynous,” which some people interpret as a rejection of traditional gender roles rather than a transgender identity.

Additionally, some people point to statements made by Ella’s family or friends, which suggest that she is not transgender. For example, her mother has been quoted as saying that Ella is “just a girl who likes to wear boy’s clothes.”

Concerns about publicity and attention-seeking

Finally, some people argue that Ella’s transgender identity may be a publicity stunt or a ploy for attention. As a rising star in golf disc, Ella has a large following on social media, and some people believe that she may be using her gender identity to attract more attention or generate controversy.

However, it is important to remember that it is not up to others to decide whether or not someone’s gender identity is valid. Gender identity is a deeply personal experience, and only the individual themselves can truly know who they are. Regardless of the arguments against Ella’s transgender identity, it is important to respect her self-expression and support her as she navigates her identity in the public eye.


The question of “is Ella Hansen transgender” is so controversial. It has sparked debate and discussion among fans and the general public alike. While some argue that her gender identity is unclear or inauthentic, others argue that she should be respected and supported in her self-expression, regardless of whether or not she identifies as transgender.

What is clear is that Ella is a female and a talent golf disc player. Her success  is a testament to her hard work and dedication. Whether or not she chooses to identify as transgender, it is important for us as a society to continue to work towards greater acceptance and understanding of individuals of all gender identities.

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