Profile: Conny Perrin The famous lesbian tennis player

Conny Perrin career information

Despite facing numerous challenges, Conny Perrin has decided to come out as a lesbian. Because at this point, sexual orientation is still considered a sensitive issue for the sports world, especially tennis. So, who is Conny Perrin? Let’s read the article below to find out more about this tennis player!

Who is Conny Perrin?

Conny Perrin the famous lesbian tennis player

Conny Perrin, a lesbian tennis player (born December 25, 1990), is a Swiss tennis player. She started playing tennis at the age of six. She likes to play on all surfaces, but Roland Garros is considered to be her favorite tournament. The biggest strength of this tennis player is her left hand. She once shared that she admires Justine Henin, Amelie Mauresmo and Gustavo Kuerten.

Name Switzerland
Born 25 December 1990
Country Saint-Imier, Switzerland
Height 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country (sports) Switzerland
Position Right-handed (one-handed backhand)
Career Matches Won 502
Career Matches Lost 389
High Rank for Singles No. 134 (22 October 2018)
High Rank for Doubles No. 138 (21 November 2016)
Career Prize Money US$ 581,112

Conny Perrin’s career information

Conny Perrin career information

Information about Conny Perrin’s career in both singles and doubles is shown in the table below:

Season Rank (Single) Rank (Double)
2011 289 320
2012 274 189
2013 396 230
2014 279 189
2015 264 230
2016 213 142
2017 197 218
2018 150 194
2019 208 248
2020 264 235
2021 230 188
2022 412 216

During her playing career, she has won many prestigious tournaments and ranked highly on the ITF Circuit. To mention such as:

  • 2007 – Won one doubles match.
  • 2008 – Won two singles matches
  • 2009 – Won a single doubles match.
  • 2010 – Won two singles tournaments.
  • 2011 – Competed in the first WTA qualifying round at Strasbourg; played in the first WTA main draw at Birmingham (as a qualifier), falling 1 round; and won a doubles title on the ITF Circuit.
  • 2012 – One qualifying failure; one singles and five doubles ITF Circuit victories.
  • 2013 – Two qualifying failures; one doubles ITF Circuit victory.
  • 2014 –  Won four singles titles and four doubles titles on the ITF Circuit; once missed qualifying.
  • 2015 – One qualifying failure; one ITF Circuit singles and doubles title.
  • 2016 – Earned one singles title and two doubles trophies on the ITF Circuit. Reached the second round once; lost three times in the qualifying round.
  • 2017: Won one singles title and two doubles titles on the ITF Circuit; fell in the first round three times and nine times (including all four majors) in qualifying.
  • 2018: Finished second once; failed to advance 11 times (including all four majors); and won three doubles championships.
  • 2019: Seven times in qualifying and five times falling in the first place.

On the ITF Women’s Circuit, Perrin has won 23 doubles titles in addition to 13 singles titles. She attained her best singles position of 134 in the world on October 22, 2018. On November 21, 2016, she achieved her highest WTA doubles ranking of 138.


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Conny Perrin’s current life

Conny Perrin and Tara Moore
Conny Perrin and Tara Moore

Conny Perrin and Tara Moore are engaged and planning to get married in the near future.

Neither player ranked in the top 100 in singles or doubles, but both ranked in the top 200 in both rankings. Not a household name in the United States, they are still the mainstays on the women’s professional tennis tour.

Conny Perrin and Tara Moore were both excellent athletes on the Women’s Tennis Association tour, and they also happened to be doubles partners.

Since then, they began to develop feelings, and most recently they decided to get engaged to start a new and closer relationship.

The continual traveling of the tour and their frequently different schedules made it too impossible for the two professional tennis players, who were first introduced to one another in 2011 at a tournament in France, to maintain a relationship. Perrin, a player from Switzerland, even preferred clay over Moore, a Londoner of Hong Kong origin. Moore and Perrin, however, discovered how to balance a life together and apart while playing tennis, and they are now thought to be the first active WTA players to become engaged.

Above is information about Conny Perrin’s career, competitions, awards and current life. Follow International LGBT Football for more information about famous lgbtq tennis players around the world.

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