Is Sam Kerr Lesbian? Find out the truth

Sam Kerr

As an Australian professional soccer player, Sam Kerr currently plays as a forward for the Chelsea Football Club in the English Women’s Super League and the Australian national team. Her genden is what many people are curious about. Is Sam Kerr Lesbian?  Learn more information from this blog post.

Is Sam Kerr lesbian?

Sam Kerr is a lesbian, though she has not publicly disclosed her sexual orientation.

Because it is not appropriate to speculate or make assumptions about someone’s sexuality without their consent. Therefore, many people wonder whether Sam kerr is a lesbian or not.

Sam Kerr, Is Sam Kerr lesbian

Kerr is considered one of the best female soccer players in the world, having won numerous individual awards and leading her teams to several championships. She has also been an advocate for gender equality and LGBT rights in sports.

Why do people think Sam Kerr is a lesbian?

Sam Kerr, an Australian soccer star, has been a topic of discussion regarding her sexual orientation. It is not uncommon for public figures to have their personal lives scrutinized, especially when it comes to their sexuality. However, in Sam Kerr’s case, the discussion about her sexual orientation has been fueled by a lack of information, leading to speculation and assumptions. Her private life is just that, private, and she has the right to keep it that way. However, many have taken an interest in this topic because of the significance of having openly LGBTQ+ athletes in sports.

The speculation about Sam Kerr’s sexual orientation began when she posted a photo on social media with a rainbow heart emoji, which is often used as a symbol of support for the LGBTQ+ community. This post led many to believe that Sam Kerr is a lesbian. Additionally, Sam Kerr has been seen spending time with and supporting LGBTQ+ friends, teammates, and organizations. However, these factors are not conclusive evidence of her sexual orientation, and assuming or speculating about someone’s sexuality based on circumstantial evidence can be harmful.

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How Sam Kerr responded to the public?

Sam Kerr has not publicly spoken about her sexual orientation, which is her right as a private individual. However, she has stated that she supports the LGBTQ+ community and believes that everyone should have the right to love who they want.

In a 2019 interview with ESPN, she stated, “I’m just here to play football, but if people can look up to me and see that I’m just being myself and happy with who I am, then that’s a good message to send.” Sam Kerr’s statement reflects the importance of representation and visibility for LGBTQ+ individuals in sports.

Is sam kerr in a relationship?

Sam Kerr is in relationship with Kristie Mewis. Kristie Mewis is a prominent figure in the soccer world , an Australian professional soccer player.

She was born on February 25, 1991, in Weymouth, Massachusetts, and began her soccer career at a young age. Kristie Mewis played for Boston College and later joined the Boston Breakers in 2013. She has since played for various teams, including the Washington Spirit, Houston Dash, and Manchester City.

Mewis’s soccer career has been quite impressive, and she has achieved many milestones throughout her journey. In 2020, she made her first appearance for the United States Women’s National Team after a six-year absence. She also played a crucial role in helping the Houston Dash win the Challenge Cup in 2020.

Sam Kerr relationship

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis

Aside from her soccer career, Mewis is known for her close relationship with Sam Kerr. The two have been in a committed relationship for several years and are often seen supporting each other at their respective games. Kerr, who plays for Chelsea in the English Women’s Super League, is one of the most talented soccer players in the world and has won numerous accolades throughout her career.

Erin Cuthbert And Sam Kerr Friendship

Erin Cuthbert And Sam Kerr

Sam Kerr, an Australian professional footballer, and Cuthbert have a lovely friendship and appreciate one another.

The Australian footballer, a forward for Chelsea in the FA Women’s Super League, has led the Matildas, the women’s national team of Australia, since 2019.

Sam has never met a better person than Erin; they converse in gibberish and have similar senses of humor. Also, the pair is constantly mischief-making in a humorous way.

When the athletes are together, they joke around, listen to Pitbull, Kesha, and Ariana Grande, and laugh nonstop. Also, the Scottish footballer converted the Australian footballer to a Rangers supporter, and the two frequently attend their games together.


While Sam Kerr’s sexual orientation is her own personal matter, the question of “Is Sam Kerr Lesbian?”  matters because it highlights the lack of representation and acceptance for lgbt football players.

When athletes like Sam Kerr use their platform to show support for the LGBTQ+ community, it sends a powerful message that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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