Sam Kerr partner Kristie Mewis and love life

sam kerr and kristie mewis

Are you a fan of soccer superstar Sam Kerr? Have you ever wondered who her partner is and what their relationship is like? Look no further! In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of Sam Kerr partner, Kristie Mewis, their dynamic as a couple, and how they support each other’s careers. You’ll also get an inside look at their life outside of soccer and the challenges they’ve faced as a high-profile couple. Get ready to be inspired by the love and teamwork that drives this power couple’s success on and off the field.

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Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis

Midfielder Kristie Mewis of the US team and Australian striker Sam Kerr received much attention after their romantic moment in the Olympic bronze medal match in Tokyo 2020.
Sam Kerr posted a picture of her and Kristie Mewis hugging and kissing on her personal page with a heart-shaped icon. After just a few hours, the photo received thousands of likes and congratulations from fans.

Previously, in the confrontation for the Olympic bronze medal in Tokyo 2020 between the US and Australia teams, the pair of players attracted attention when openly expressing their affection on the pitch.

After the final whistle blew to close the thrilling match with a 4-3 victory for the US, many sad Australian players remained on the field.

Striker Sam Kerr – Australia’s top scorer and equalizer in the 17th minute of this match – clearly showed his disappointment.

In the moment Kerr covered her face and cried, US midfielder Kristie Mewis came to comfort her. The two hugged and rested their heads on each other’s shoulders and talked for a long time before leaving the field together.

sam kerr and kristie mewis

This romantic moment and the duo’s series of cute interactions on social media previously sparked rumors that Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis are dating.

Before going public with Mewis, Kerr had more than 7 years of dating American player Nikki Stanton. The two met in 2014 and broke up earlier this year, according to the Daily Telegraph.

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Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton

Sam Kerr’s old partner is Nikki Stanton, a professional soccer player who currently plays for Norwegian team Avaldsnes IL. Stanton, like Kerr, is a talented midfielder known for her skill and athleticism on the field.

Kerr and Stanton first met in the United States, where they both played for the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) team Sky Blue FC. They began dating in 2017 and have been inseparable ever since. Their relationship timeline is filled with romantic gestures, from Kerr’s surprise birthday party for Stanton to the couple’s sweet anniversary posts on social media.

sam kerr and Nikki Stanton

Speaking of social media, Kerr and Stanton’s public appearances and posts gave fans a glimpse into their loving relationship. From sharing a kiss on the field after a game to enjoying a relaxing day at the beach together, their affection for each other is clear. They also frequently showed support for each other’s careers, with Kerr often attending Stanton’s games and Stanton cheering on Kerr from the stands during important matches.

Kerr and Stanton’s relationship was built on a foundation of love, support, and shared passion for soccer. Their partnership was a testament to the power of teamwork both on and off the field. But unfortunately, the couple was separated and Sam Kerr is currently in relationship with Kristie Mewis.


In the world of soccer, Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis are a powerhouse couple who never fail to impress. Their love story is one of true teamwork and unwavering support, both on and off the field. From surprise birthday parties to sweet anniversary posts, their relationship is a constant reminder of the power of love and partnership.

Through their public appearances and social media posts, we get an inside look into their life together and the challenges they face as a high-profile couple. But through it all, Sam Kristie Mewis stand tall as two of the most talented and dedicated soccer players in the game today.

As we conclude this ultimate guide, let’s celebrate the love, strength, and perseverance of Sam Kerr and Nikki Stanton. Let’s continue to support them and all female soccer players as they break barriers and make history in the sport. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and inspiration!

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